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Text for Page 154 [07-01-1852]

              and Brougham by the way.     North & O�Brien
at the Office.     O�Brien�s a snob.       Return at
sunset or later.       Bit of a rain storm, intended
to defer visit to Mrs K�s, but rain ending set off.
Lotty had returned, and running towards me, shook
me by both hands.   She looked well, no traces of
sickness or sorrow about her bright face, � her hair
by the bye for the nonce worn plain, madonna-wise,
not in the cluster of curls as wont.     It so chanced
that her mother was going out, so I had much of
her and boy Will�s company, sitting by the open window
with her face close to mine, looking out in the trees,
and close, warm, damp humid night.   There were
two others present, but as they were �lovers� (to use Mrs
K�s phrase, they were exclusive enough.  Presently
after much half thoughtful talk, the suggestion
of walking out being made, I proposed a walk
to Broadway & an Ice Cream.       So sug-               
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