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Text for Page 155 [07-01-1852]

              gesting that we should have the company of �Mr Dodd
&� his lady-love, (telling me under her breath that
�Whytal was in New York� & she would not wish to
be seen out alone with any two legged masculine at
night; off we set, boy Will in great tribulation
and sorrow at not being permitted to accompany
us.       So for the first time I had this bright
eyed little incomprehensibility hanging on my arm
as we walked down the dank, dark street, into the
great thoroughfare.  At the corner we entered the
confectioners, had Ice Creams &c � she had a �cobbler�
too.       A blooming little incomprehensibility, with
a world of merits run into faults on her � very
pleasant to look upon though, that face of
hers.     Back, consoling Will with some confect-
ionary, then Lotty sang again and again �
Her mother came, & I left at 11.               
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