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Text for Page 156 [07-02-1852]

              2. Friday. Down town, breakfasting at Mercers.
Then to the little room Randall hath at 100 Nassau,
where �Sachem� & Badean are)  Thence to Post Office,
Lockington�s and back to Randall�s. Waited awhile
in Badean�s, till they had finished Reveille cuts,
paid �em, then to Mathews & Reveille.     Thence to
Lockingtons for Rebusses.   Left them, and crossed to
Brooklyn with him to Grays bath.   Had a dip, returned
& I to Goslings & dinner.   Dozed and idled in the after-
noon.   Wrote hard all the evening.   Rewriting Stratford
on Avon article for Whig Review.
  3. Saturday. Edward Greatbatch came, with a letter
from home.      Writing hard
at Shakspere article till 2, when having finished it
down town, Edward going with me.  To Whig Review
Office, saw Champion Bissell.  To Reveille.  Got
16$.  To Lantern.  Thence to Goslings Senior about 
4 & dined.     Return.   Paid Dickinson who came,               
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