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Text for Page 157 [07-03-1852]

              for Lantern Cut.   Paid  Davis for shirts $5. Sup-
ped at Shelleys.  Walk down Broadway & at a book 
auction.     Run down town after a machine, but
no fire.       Stores in mourning for Harry Clay.  Met
Orphens at book store.
  4. Sunday.  Breakfast about 11 at the Rainbow.
Then a sultry walk to Brooklyn, calling on the Dun-
siers, meeting by the way a certain German who had
boarded with me at Flower�s, who talked with me 
up at the City Hall.       Called at Dunsiers, he
& wife there.   I rather think Fagan and the chaste
Tamison were in an adjoining room, but didn�t see
em.   Left, return, hotly, to Goslings, dined &
again to my room.     Evening, after supping in doors, to
Beach Street.   Mrs K, Lott & others.  Lotty
dumpish at her mother not wishing her to accompany
us in the proposed Hastings trip, tomorrow. I 
decidedly disappointed at the notion. Said so.               
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