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Text for Page 060 [12-01-1849]

  1. Saturday. Lithographing �Mose�.   In the evening with Wing
and Sandy to �Mitchell�s� Olympic. Divers operatic burlesques.  The best
Wigans �Jenny Lind� (of Lyceum production). A Miss Mary Taylor the
main prop of each piece, a clever actress and singer.      The other
pieces �incomprehensible shows to set on a parcel of barran spectators to laugh.�
  2. Sunday.  In the afternoon crossed for the purpose of visiting
Christopher Street, and spite of hail storm did so; � calling on Joe
and Duane Square by the way. Says he�s ill, swelled face,�liver� out
of order (!) &c  too cold to stir out &c.   Left him and on to Mr Great-
batchs.   Tea.  During the evening talk of Mr. Alcock, Mr. G�s employer.
I am, I think wrong in thinking them chilly in their reception of me, �tis
but reserve, and natural to him.	Left at 9, and walk Jersey-
wards, through a pouring, pitiless hail storm, street-pavement slippery as
grass, lamps few and far between, and few humans about.  Ferry boat and
red hot stove.
  3. Monday. �Mose� all day.  Grievously plagued by a tooth insisting
on making its appearance at this unseasonable period of life. Head ache,
gum throbbing, knife thrusting.  Snow, wind, rain, hail out of doors.
Wing talks of migrating in a day or two if �nothing turns up�.   Writing to Bout-
cher in the Evening, Wing been at New York, theatricalizing and there-
anent.			Oh God why have I no letter from Mary?
  4  Tuesday.  Went to the Post Office, sent off letter to Boutcher.               
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