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Text for Page 158 [07-04-1852]

              Told Lotty I didn�t care to go if the plan was thus
marred. Says She, �You better not tell Widow K
so.   Told her I would.     Matter debated.  Dan
Dodd, little, good sort of  fellow, from
Cuba, � (half I think on the way to fool�s paradise about
Lotty,) inclined to persuade her story.    Happening to
say in reply to some chance remark, that I�d pass
a happier day were we to have her pleasant face out
among the green leaves, but if she�d be happier pre-
ferring town, let her stay in Gods name.� Lott
put out her frank hand to mine and said with bright
smile �Thank you for that Tom Gunn! � �
Finally it was left a moot point.      Quitted about
midnight.   Great firing of crackers and devil of a
row everywhere in anticipation of the morrow.  Could
hardly get to sleep.
  5.  Monday.  Aroused by 5 or earlier by the
pyrotechnic patriotism of the rising generation.               
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