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Text for Page 159 [07-05-1852]

              To Beach Street, there finding Will letting off crackers
outside the door & the Browns at work within, greatly
to the consternation of the Celtic handmaidens. Lotty, 
her mother &c, others running about.   Breakfast,
rather tumultuously, much badinage and practical
jokes in progress.       That over had to set off alone
with Mrs K,   I not over well pleased at Lotty
staying behind and the prospect of a days tete a tete
with her mother.   But it was pleasant enough.
Took rail at Chamber Street, (after purchasing a 
bottle of sherry, and thus to Hastings, some 6 or 7
miles above Yonkers.  Blazing hot day.   To a certain
orchard and grounds once belonging to Mrs K and husband
plucking raspberries to a great extent, vagabondizing
about till some 3 or so in the afternoon, when we
dined off the contents of the basket, Mrs K rustica-
ting to a chatty, vagabondish extent, climbing
under fences &, very free and easy.         Took the               
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