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Text for Page 160 [07-05-1852]

              rail back, arriving about half past 6 or so.
Supped with them at Beach Street, afterwards
a bath.   Talk with Lotty, hearing her play.
Stayed till 10 or later, then return to my room, 
Will Kidder walking as far as Broadway with me.
  6. Tuesday.   Will Kidder called. Drawing on
wood till noon.  Down town, Lantern, Reveille
&c  Dined.   To Whig  Review Office &c  Don�t
recollect what else I did.  Met Dickinson, returned
to room, Davis called & Joe.     Very sick and
queer. Did not sleep all night, vomiting, bile,
feverish and very weak.
  7. Wednesday.  Made shift to dress, crawled
down stairs, took castor oil at druggists, then some 
tea at the Rainbow.   Lying down in pain and
exhaustion � better anon.     Down town by 12 or
so, got some soup, � first thing since yesterday
at noon.  To Lantern Office, then to that               
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