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Text for Page 163 [07-10-1852]

              Going to return to England on Wednesday.  Supped
with him.   To room &c.  Waud. /        At
9 or so called at Beach Street, stopping till 12.
  11.  Sunday.  To Governor�s Island by noon,
having passed the time till then in domesticities.
Dined with Barth and a Mr Gruby, reading
Charles Lamb in the afternoon.  Supped and 
Barth having an inclination to go to Beach Street,
we after half an hours windy waiting at the landing
place, (in company with a Bedlow�s Islander) were
rowed to New York.  To my room, then to Mrs K�s.
A room full of folk, Lotty playing and singing to them,
till on her commencing something other than �sacred,� her
Mother veto�d it.     So she went into the other room sulky
party broke up into conversational groups, some going
out.     I had the inhumanity to leave Barth to be talked
at by Mrs K, and joined Lotty.     Mrs Lawton
the comely sister of Mrs K and her �Captain� ad-               
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