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Text for Page 164 [07-11-1852]

              mirer sate on the sofa near, and Dan Dod,
(brother to the one who hath I think dazed himself
by looking in Lotty�s eyes,)  sitting reading near us.
He is a little, shrewd fellow, startling one by an
unexpectedly sensible remark now and then, very
foreign to what one would expect in such an atmos-
phere of trashinesses.       Lott talked a good deal 
about herself of course.     I think it probable
that she will be a mother �
  I know not how it is, but I cannot but regard
a woman with infinite respect & tenderness 
at such time.     Approaching maternity, with
its attendant fears, hopes, mysteries � the knowledge
of parentage � giving birth to a little creature, distinct
yet as knit in love and feeling, loved so much dearer
than self, yet part of that self � the subject
is full of holier thoughts than I can now put
down.       What will maternity do for her.               
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