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Text for Page 165 [07-11-1852]

              Will it do good.     It may, � and yet again, not.
For she is vain, has not Religion, or a loving
nature, has a mother all of shreds and patches,
trashinesses unspeakable, each one so monstrous
on folly that it can be excelled only by its between;
� and alas she dwells, as she has dwelled all
her life in an atmosphere of folly, aping, and in-
sincerity.       I know her faults, and like her
rather for what she might have been than is.
  That wilful frank nature, could it have been
tamed by the loving hand of some good man, might
have made a happy home.  Now Niagara�s fall
may be stayed by an infants finger ere the current
of her life could be turned to happiness, quiet
or content. /   She will demand admiration from this
one or that, tire of them, be rude to them,
throw them aside, imagine wrong and slight, be
wayward, petty, selfish, vain, (delightful too by
flashes,) and thus on to the end of the chapter.               
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