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Text for Page 166 [07-11-1852]

              Unless Maternity save her �      So may it be!
    /       I told her �mong other things, I wished
I were her brother.  She said she wished so too.
     Barth and Mrs K came in anon � she having
almost talked him dead, and at about 12 we
left.   Walked to the South Ferry with him,
conversing,  half an hour on the Battery, boat
waiting, and then he off to Brooklyn, I to
my solitary room, thinking of many things;
much of a face that haunted me for long time
in boyhood.  
  12.  Monday .   Drawing on wood. Lantern.
Abbotts  �Saint Napoleon�   Down with it to the
Office.   Out with Powell, he promising to pay
me $6.  Up Broadway.     To the building
whereat Watson & the Lanternland Woodpeckers
propose to use.   Dined together at Shelleys.
He came to my room,  sat awhile, then               
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