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Text for Page 167 [07-12-1852]

              left.     I don�t like the man, he�s shifty,
an evil speaker of dignities, men with brains; �
he has intellect, � of a certain caste, not high.
He has one claim to human sympathy, � nobody
likes him.        We met Gas-light Foster in
Broadway, and presently Forrest.       Powell
darted forwards, shaking Forrest�s hand, the stal-
wart Metamora looking sideways at him.    /
   Slept for three good hours, the consequences of
taking ale at dinner, and was aroused by
the advent of Mr Royal.           I was heartily
glad to see his honest, quiet face, and after
an half hour or more walked with him to his
abode, at Chatham Street, where Whilome
his boss Dean lived.          Royal seemeth more
content, is land buying at Fordham, by Mor-
risania, and tolerably well to do.     His
wife was out, but we had supper, and then
smoked and talked under a large tree in front               
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