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Text for Page 007 [07-21-1849]

              one advertisement devoted to getting news of William Barth, three 
for pupils to instruct in drawing.	A walk up to Joe and George�s 
Pork Store. Being Saturday night they were busy. 	/ Verily, it
was queer to sit in the back of the shop and see them carving, sawing, 
weighing and money-taking � to see this and call to mind quiet 
Oxfordshire, (in connection with George.)	Here is he, some three-
thousand and odd miles away, trafficking in little Jersey City, as if 
at it all his life. Had we speculated on this, in our ride to Strat-
ford on Avon what should we have thought? /
Ah me! Ah me! �The
briars of this working day world!� Sometimes a quick, fierce im-
patience, anon a very heart-sickness to think of this mind and 
body wearying strife for bread and cheese.	This �Gin-horse life�
as poor Burn�s phrases it! Here am I, in my 3 and twentieth
year, still hoping, planning, scheming, to get astride the alligator
� the world, as of old.		And if done, what then. Have
I the fresh heart to enjoy, as then? �No more � no more,
oh Never more for me� � 		I�m sad at heart, 
to the very core � �I am aweary, weary, � I would that I were 
dead.� To lie still and be at rest. I can understand Mother-
wells feelings when he wrote his last. Or dear Shelleys, in his �Ode 
in dejection near Naples.� The World has not wronged me � I bear 
it no malice � but oh God for some one to love me � There
I can write no further. Oh Mary, that I was a loving boy as of old.               
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