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Text for Page 061 [12-04-1849]

              No letter there for me.    At work all the day on �Mose�
and writing in the evening a Story for the �Empire City.�
  This night a man-child is born of Mrs Faron, the land lady�s
eldest daughter.
  5. Wednesday. Story scribbling all the morning.  In the after
noon, Wing finally deciding upon return to his native �down east� packs
up, bids adieu to the folks of the house   and off. I go over to New 
York and the Steamboat with him and at 4 o�clock see the last of
his whiskers, for some-time at least, if not for ever. (This same 
day also, the two German cigar-workers leave, � yesterday Sandy mi-
grated to Newark.) Hugh resolves to become a denizen of my room,
� (he has remained behind his brother it seems, induced by the tender
passion which hath been inspired in his heart, so rumour sayeth, by
a certain girl existant in a neighbouring �candy�-shop. ) 	        On
leaving Wing, (or rather his leaving with the �Massachusetts�)   I visit Ful-
ton Street, leave my article of the Empire City Office, and then call
on Warren Butler. Talk with him half an hour.    Purchase camel
brush for lithographing &c in Fulton then to Jersey and my now solitary
  6. Thursday. �Mose� all day�.   Did not stir out save
for the purpose of lamp purchasing.   Hugh Hill nocturnally
occupieth Wing�s bed.  I see but little of him, inasmuch as he visiteth
his inamorata each evening ; � pleasant hours possibly. /	Still
no letter from Her �               
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