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Text for Page 168 [07-12-1852]

              of the workshop.      Bush was there, one of the
sojournes�s in time past at Holt�s.          I�d a
very pleasant evening.    The men were neither very
brilliant, or highly educated, but they talked
common sense, and were sincere and honest of
heart.     They had a home feeling, and love of
home attributes about them.  They were not selfish
nor egotistic, nor vain; � they did not detract
from, or envy anybody.   Nothing was said or done
that jarred against good feeling.          Humble folk
are happy folk, and a working man need not be
vulgar.        Royal�s wife came about 10, and a 
bustling good tempered woman she proved, � we
must needs have some of her cherry & currant pie,
and so we did,  and then set-to singing. She
sang too, both pleasantly and in good taste. Dob-
dens songs and such as were liked thirty years               
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