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Text for Page 169 [07-12-1852]

              ago, with at least simple feeling, truth and some
poetry in theme, not mere word-jingle as too
often now-a-days.    We�ve deteriorated in songs.
Now this woman, (though she did drop and aspirate
the H�s,)  though she did call Royal �the old
man,� and sometimes slap him on the back, is 
an infinitely more respectable member of the com-
munity than our friend Mrs K.         This one is
a good woman, makes her husband and homely
home happy and those about her � don�t think
much about herself, but about her �duty� & family
Mrs K �s perpetually worshipping herself, or indul-
ging in myriad spites against those who don�t. Is
in short an abominable Snob.                       Left at
about half past 12.
  13. Tuesday.         Down town.  Called at JB
Holmes.  (Meeting Gleason yesterday minded me
of it.)           Heard that Gleason had robbed him.               
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