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Text for Page 170 [07-13-1852]

              Breakfast at Goslings.  To the Lantern, to the
Reveille.   To my room,  drawing.  Finished
drawing,  to Courtlandt Street to dinner, then
called at Lantern again.  Room.  Evening
to Weber�s the bootmaker, then to Mr Greatbatchs
  14. Wednesday.  Barth came, and seeing that
I was about to send daguerrotypes home, went with
me to Whitehursts to get his taken.      That over,
he off up town, to call on �sweet Alice�,    I to the
Lantern.  Got not money.   Butler there & Wat-
son.       Return.  Call on Mathews.     Rainy day.
Barth came.   Dined together at the Reade St
shades.  He off to Island, I to Reveille draw
ing.     At 7 out with Waud to Goslings Senior
and supper.       Return with me, but soon off.
Writing up last days score, and now to bed.
  15. Thursday.   Drawing in wood, Lan-
tern work.            Reveille minor cuts               
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