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Text for Page 172 [07-18-1852]

              Breakfasted leisurely at Goslings Senior, read Sunday
papers & then to Brooklyn.   Waited for two hours
in the little lane by the water side in the expectation
of the advent of a boatman, but none arriving, and
having finished my number of that most remarkable
book Mayhews �London Labour & the London Poet�,
I crossed to New York again and found a boat at
Castle Garden.  Over.  Dined with Barth &
Hungarian Gruby.   Reading &c in the afternoon.
Shower bath.       Return at about 8, (after some wait-
ing for a boatman, in company with others � a
Bermuda born lady, her husband, the boatman
Connor�s wife, and a good humored comely Irish
girl, which latter twain arrived in the boat.
Return to New York by the Fulton Ferry.   To my
room and commenced a letter to Boutcher.
19.	Thursday.  Up early with intent to do a               
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