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Text for Page 174 [07-20-1852]

              home & to Mrs Barth.   Breakfast, called at Lan-
tern Office, seeing Watson and getting proof of �Saint
Napoleon� from him, called at Mathews about
Reveille subject, then return to room & drawing 
on wood.      Dined at Courtlandt St. Goslings at 1/2 past
1; called again at the Lantern Office & at that of
the Whig Review, both unsuccessfully, then towards
my room again .  All the Park thronged, Broadway
also with militia troops & spectators.  Stores buildings
hotels & City hall festooned with crape & white
&c, being the day set apart for the celebration of
the death of Henry Clay. No business doing, & a
dense crowd everywhere.   Looking in at Swinton�s
found two ladies there; his mother and sister.
So sat down, & there stayed two or three good hours.
Fay, Waud and Swinton�s brother coming in anon.
Waud with a gigantic water melon which being sliced
up we ate � in part.     Sherry & brandy               
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