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Text for Page 175 [07-20-1852]

              were also volunteered by a stout neighbor occupant of
an adjoining room.     Meantime the procession was
passing.         Out with Swinton�s brother, Fay &
stout gentleman.   Imbibition.  Return.  Reading
No 5 of Bleak House, purchased this day, just out.
To my room, Davis and Waud called & left.
  21. Wednesday.   Sent off letter for Boutcher.
Drawing &c during the rest of the day.   Barth
and Livers called.        Reveille work.     Evening
at Beach Street.      Lots of folks there. Mrs
K talking vindictive apropos.  Jack Hardenbrook
and Alfred Brown, � how they came home at
midnight or past, & Lotty and Dan Dod being
in parlor together, commented on it in evil fas-
hion.   How she overheard them, how they went
up stairs laughing, how Dan Dod was incontinently
about to rush upstairs and � get licked, (as he assu-
redly would have been.)     How she prevented it &               
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