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Text for Page 176 [07-21-1852]

              reviled them a la Lady Macbeth &c � bosh.
Lotty�s going down the facili descensus Averni rapidly
enow.   Dod with her always, she with him.   Its
a damned thing this; and disgusting, � wooing
a wedded woman & one who will ere long be a
mother.    Maybe Dod does but sentimentalize �
but men nowadays �                  Hardenbrook�s
callous and savage. 
A beastly world for the unhappy girl to live in.
Heaven won�t help her � she hardly believes in�t.
The pity of it, Iago the pity of it.
  22. Thursday.  To Lantern Office &c having
finished all Reveille cuts for the week.    To Brook-
lyn, there waited an hour or more, returned to
Castle Garden � no boatmen.  Presently Connor
came,  very drunk, and incapable of doing aught.
In an attempt to clamber into his boat he soused 
in, but managed to get into the boat with only               
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