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Text for Page 177 [07-22-1852]

              the loss of his hat; and straightway went to sleep
with uncovered head in the maddening sunlight � tem-
perature over 90, hottest day this summer.  Another
boatman came, but he wanted his dinner & could
not therefore transport me over.     But he rowed
Connor and boat under the arch.       Went off
to dinner myself & Goslings, returned, no boat.
To Brooklyn & over lots of blockading barks and
barges, got in outgoing boat & was rowed across
to the Island.   Hospital till evening, reading &c.
Barth & I back to Long Island.    Up Atlantic
Street, to Mrs Normans. They have opened a
little shop, sell newspapers, prints, magazines
&c.     There an hour or two, then by 10 to
New York & my room, ale and a Smoke.
Barth left at midnight.
  23. Friday.  Idling nearly all day, that
is reading George�s Sand�s continuation of �Consuelo�               
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