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Text for Page 062 [12-07-1849]

              7. Friday.  Drawing on �Mose.�   Very, very lonely at heart. 
   /  A new Boarder appeareth � an Oxford man, recently arrived
in this country.  Nocturnally he coucheth in our room with Hughie.
  8. Saturday. �Mose� all day.   Wretch of a small boy out of doors
hammering on a big childs drum sans intermission.
  9. Sunday.   Wrote to M � �patience is stale, and I am
weary of it.�   Out of doors sleet, rain, snow, in doors head and
heart aching.	 Took a hour and half walk in the evening spite of the
weather, with Hughie Muir, (that�s his name I find.)   He narrateth
how the vestal of the �candy-shop� having many �fooling round� her hath disgust-
ed him with the pursuit, wherefore he thinking of abandoning the same.
Long walk, Grove Street and Pavonia-wards.
  10. Monday. Unwell, ill-tempered, splenetic, matagrabolized.
Hard at work on �Mose�.   Evening reading Burns and Rabelais
with Hughie.
  11. Tuesday. Went to Post Office. A letter for me, but from
George Bolton.  A poor one sheet of note-paper after all this delay,
�mountain in labour� � (Won�t write myself for a devil of a
time.) [words crossed out].	    Poor did John Harris
the farm labourer, who in face might have stood for a portrait of
Crabbe�s Isaac Ashford, is dead! /	         Returning, all the
trees deep covered with their winter foliage.   I love snow, it is
so beautiful, and varied in the multiform shape it takes. /               
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