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Text for Page 178 [07-23-1852]

              Evening  in doors drawing, Reveille work for
the week after next.   Off for Niagara on Sun-
day or Monday.
  24.  Saturday.  Down town. To Randalls,
to Sachem Office, to Lantern &c � from the
latter to the offices of the New York and Erie
Railroad; with a letter from Powell to the
Secretary thereof [word crossed out] whereupon he gave me
an editorial pass free to & fro as far as
their line goes.    Back to room, meeting Fagan
in Broadway, taking him with me.    Had lunch.
He going to Niagara on Tuesday.      Randall
& Banker came with Reveille Cuts.  Paid �em
and down town to Reveille Office.   Wrote copy &
got paid for last week and off.     Met Picton
drank with him.  To Lantern Office, out with
Powell, coul�dnt get any money out of him.
To Wells & Webb for blocks.   To supper               
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