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Text for Page 180 [07-25-1852]

              while.    Hurryed back, gave the $50 for Joe
to keep in safety for me, and aboard the ferry
boat.     Cars gone, whereat I was as well con-
tent as if otherwise.  So returned tranquilly to New 
York, got a bottle of Sarsaparilla and ice at the
grocery store, to my room, a little reading, then
to [word crossed out] Beach Street.  Found Mrs K, her sister
[line crossed out]
Angeline, Mrs Lawton, Lotty and other feminines
all sitting in the back room, singing sacred
music.   Dod there, sitting by Lotty.   Anon
the singing party broke up & I sat talking
first with Mrs Lawton, (who has been handsome,
and is not the reverse now;) then listening to
Mrs Kidder reading Ingoldsby Legends � I would
she never chose aught duller.          Half an
hour talking with Lotty, & partly Dob & the
mama.       Lotty talked about herself & they               
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