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Text for Page 181 [07-25-1852]

              praised her.           Left. Dod walking out a bit
to purchase some �chalk� for Lotty, she complaining
of having �the heartburn.�
  26. Monday.   Roused by a plashing rain
storm, which however partly cleared off as I issued
forth & took my way through muddy streets &
over swollen kennels to the foot of Duane Street.
The boat waiting to transport me to the Jersey shore
I had time to take two cups of very hot though equivocal
coffee & four dough nuts at an al fresco vendors.
Then hurried aboard, got carpet bag transmitted into a
check and the boat stirring across the wet mist &
water, and to the cars.     Soar inside, seated &
off they start.     Fraternized with an individual in
adjacent seat, whom I knew to be an Englishman,
by his speech, civility and [word crossed out] square-toed
boots.   He was a Nottinghamshire man, had
been here but 6 months, & spoke with an accent
very like Richardson.  We talked together till               
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