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Text for Page 182 [07-26-1852]

              the jar and clang made it wearisome.  The
rain yet fell, continuing for fifty or sixty miles,
at interval. Yet in the cars it was pleasant enow.
There we were shifted into other cars, greatly to our
advantage, for in the centre (where we got to)
was a big ice water cistern.   On we sped,
Altolfo like on our [unclear word].   Fen and marsh
and flat, trees, copse and open field � every
where reminded of the �newness� of the country �
the landscape was very lonely, nor when the glorious
Sun peeped out did he spy aught else.  Stone wall,
zig-zag roughly put together timber fence, hill side
covered with young trees (I�ve seen no old trees in
America yet,) over bridge and wild streamlet,
past fields of tree stumps, through towns all of
new looked white frame houses, � stopping briefly
at each, to take in or let out passengers.  Fifteen
minutes for refreshment �at length cries one of               
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