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Text for Page 183 [07-26-1852]

              the attendant genii, and out we troop into a long room
of the adjacent dep�t, its two doors open & displaying
a double row of tables with men and women behind.
Coffee, ham & eggs, meats & cakes � each standing
& a tribute of three shillings from each partaker.
Had some beef & coffee, and subsequently at a
farther corner of the room a drop of brandy.  �All
aboard now!�   and back we troop, whistle, snort
yell � off we are again. The day wears on apace;
passengers try to doze, succeed fitfully or give it up
viciously.   We have passed some 120 miles and
more, the rain ceased and the golden sunlight
rests holily on the trees and wild peacefully country,
darts in at the unclosed windows, lights up to a hot
crimson the comfortable padded seats.   I lie all
along one, Nottinghamshire man the opposite one.
Evening draws on, � we halt again & sup, this time
sitting and well, for 25 cents.  On � more signs               
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