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Text for Page 184 [07-26-1852]

              of land clearing, tree stumps innumerable �
and huge wood piles at all the stations.    Anon
we approach the neighbourhood of that granite backbone
of this American Continent, the Alleghanies, and
then the flying glimpses of landscape became very
beautiful; � mountaintop after mountain-top, all
clothed in the deepest green, lit up with the last
low beams; broad sheets of water, now smooth and
rippleless, then filled up and choked with tree
trunks, forming a jumbled rafted, for half a mile
or so.     Little wooden road-side shanties, all soli-
tary.     More zig zag disordered tumble down, roughly
pitched together zig-zaggeries than I can think of.
Depots where the name would be written up in black
letters, where some six ten or thirty folk would be
assembled waiting the arrival of the cars.  Ruddy
faced, sinewy looking even, boys bare legged and
curious.     Night came on � two lamps lit,               
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