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Text for Page 185 [07-26-1852]

              travelling growing somewhat wearisome, when at 9 o�clock
we reach Elmira.       As the cars went but some
12 miles for this, and as my Nottinghamshire acquain-
tance intended staying for certain friends at Elmira,
I resolved to stay there also.  So entering an omnibus
of which were some ten or so with vociferating driver
we were driven along muddy streets, past wooden frame
houses, trees & stores to the main Street and
Hotel, �Brainards� the �Astor�, of Elmira.   Bar
great todo writing down names, having chambers as
   Got a room assigned at once, and
one of the best .   Had a drink with my Nottingham-
shire friend (also had shewn his Englishism finely
in taking me aside and gravely counselling me �that
the Brainard House� was the first hotel in the place,
and he did�nt want to lead me to any unnecessary               
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