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Text for Page 187 [07-27-1852]

              rolling far and wide over the country, trees and
herbage wet and solitary, shivers of blacks flying
from the chimney of the locomotive, to the infinite
discoloration of my wide-awake.  More hills &
mountains, rivers, tree stumps by the thousand,
wooden shanties & dep�ts.   Arrived at Hornells-
ville, � �twenty minutes or breakfast,� which produced
the usual flocking forth.       I got some cigars, escon-
ced myself, (on this train again starting) inside a
sort of half-empty baggage car, sat down on a big box,
and time waned merrily.     Up rose the glorious gol-
den Sun! and out laughed tree and river,
bush, brake, and hillside.   Up curl the mists,
and fade and as the day draws on, vanish. On
we roll.     Sturdy country fellows with queer cone
like hats enter the cars; shrewd, confident and
hard looking.     One o�clock and we rush into
a great dep�t, beyond which is a straggling               
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