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Text for Page 063 [12-11-1849]

              Got a copy of The Examiner newspaper at the Post Office also.
�That deep mouthed Boetian Savage Lauder� is stirring finely
about Kossuth.	I like the Examiner for the sake of Leigh Hunt.
  /    Work on �Mose� all day.       Evening with Hughie to New York
through the bleak, ice covered streets to Duane Square, where I learnt
that Joe has gone down east, starting last Friday.
  12. Wednesday. �Mose� all day and part of the evening.  Game
at whist, at night, with Hughie, Ben and an Englishman (steward
I think to one of the mail-steamers, which this morning cleared out
leaving him behind, the which he�s mighty indifferent to.)
  13. Thursday.  To New York.  Warren Butler�s where I got the big
mahogany blocks for show-bill drawing.  Also a box-wood one, which
a German had drawn on and made a mess of.  This, being wanted
immediately, I, after dinner went to work on, and continued till mid-
night, by which time I finished it.    Brinsley very drunk all day
and a great nuisance; � had to turn the key and forbid him entrance.
The tale of �Ike Charles and his G�hal� appears in The Empire City.
  14. Friday. To New York with drawing for Warren Butler.  There
an half hour or so.     At work on big poster the rest of the day.
  15. Saturday. Big show bill.    Evening, scribbling second
part of my �Empire City� tale.   Had to go out for lamp replenishment
at night, dreary, gusty, slippery streets.  Melancholic as a cat.
Letter from Joe, down east.
  16. Sunday. Scribbling the live-long day, till midnight. Finished
the tale of �Ike Charles.�    Collinson, our Oxford born boot-maker               
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