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Text for Page 188 [07-27-1852]

              city � it is Dunkirk, 460 miles from New York.
All out with a great to-do.  I learning that the
cars ran on to the spots whither boats started for
Buffalo, hold on and saw there rises before me a 
great broad blue lake the Erie.  A
steamer came plashing up, but it was bound for
Detroit.  No boat off for Buffalo till the morrow,
so I grasp carpet-bag and walk back to the dep�t 
there to learn that in an hour I could be on my
way by rail.   Went into ticket office, left carpet
bag, then to an adjoining room and dined.  Lamb,
coffee & pie.    Out, striding up and down, good
lot of people there waiting.  Cars arrived, called
in ticket office, got carpet bag & made a rush 
with a little civil old man there presiding across &
around the track to a certain office and an individual
who wrote certain talismanic words on the rear of my
ticket: franking me on to Buffalo.   Got               
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