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Text for Page 189 [07-27-1852]

              aid of carpet bag as usual, took station at the end
of the car, ( � the train was excessively crowded,
even the baggage cars filled,)     on again en route.
Very hot & sunny, � through thicket and copse,
mostly, the blue waters of the lake gleaming ever
and anon on our left.     Talk with two Britishers �
extraordinary what a crowd of them there were in the
train.     Afternoon wore on.  Arrived at Buffalo
about half past 4.   A wide streeted City, stores
hotels &c.   Got in omnibus, and to the place
where the cars start for Niagara � hearing dismal
rumours meanwhile of the crowds at the Falls. Its
hotels were crowded and couldn�t take people in at
$5 per day.    All owing to this Lundy�s Lane
Celebration.      Lots of people stayed in Buffalo
this night, to go on in the morning.   Not I �
the idea of being within twenty miles of Niagara
and sleeping there!                Paid my 60 cents &               
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