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Text for Page 191 [07-27-1852]

              bridge � the first one leading to Goat ^|Bath| Island, (as
I afterwards found) � wooden planks, stout enough,
but vibrating with the motion of the rushing roar-
ing waters, pouring on with eddy and whirl
over rocks and stones,  all foam flecked far as
you could see .     Swiftly � swifter yet, with
spray and foam against the bridge supports, with
rush & leap and sparkle, rushing, rushing
ever to that awful leap below went the broad stream
Here the moist air was inexpressibly delightful.  Goat
Island, (not the small place I had fancied)   but
huge, large and umbrageous, several with brush and
tree down to the travelled margin.   White clouds
of mist rising from the cataract below.     After
passing over this bridge, I returned, deferring my visit
to Goat Island, being desirous of getting a peep
below.    So passing on, (the ever present sound
of the fall in my ears,) through a treed lane               
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