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Text for Page 192 [07-27-1852]

              where were established booths and shanties in each
side, vociferating lemonade dealers &c; I came
to where I can stand at the edge of the American
fall.   Just a glance at its profile as it comes
roaring down, not a smooth cascade but, succession
of ones, some projecting beyond others thus [small sketch here]
Here, though ground as is all about Niagara,
yet the Imagination has to supply much, � you see
the troubled water nearing the awful edge, the great
surging foam below, you hang by the bushes and
look down, but can not see Niagara in a tithe
part of its awful beauty.        Down a steep wooden
staircase, beside which was a sort of slant en dicular
rope railroad transporting people up and down at
the rate of 6 cents a head.         An awfully long
staircase that was, though descent was nothing con-
trasted with the ascent.             Here a trivial event
occurred, which might have led to disagreable               
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