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Text for Page 193 [07-27-1852]

              consequences.     Part of the way down was a short, stout
set fellow, rather bibulous, which I noted not then)
resting himself from the upward ascent.     He saying
something to a comrade as to �what weight have been
the price of my whiskers�, I, judging him to be
an American gave him the most galling answer I could
on the spur of the moment think of.   Told him a
good healthy nigger would purchase them � therefore
that he would�nt do, as he looked sickly and lazy.
The man gave rent to an imprecation of rage and hate
and I moved on.     I hadn�t got twenty or thirty
steps down wards when he was with me � his
crony too � both as mad with passion as ever I
saw men in.   They were for a fight.   fist squaring
&c.     I took it coolly � argued the matter
and after a slowing controversy on their part it
came to Touchstones �If� � �If you said so,�
then I said so�.     So we got to the bottom with               
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