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Text for Page 194 [07-27-1852]

              much talking & not a little staring at by the
folks around; and then it was made up.   I
must drink with them, � which I did, � and
then they with me.     They were both Englishmen,
naturalized into America � lived at Rochester,
their names Burgess & Boyd.     Of course they
were quite as earnest in their protestations of good as
ill feeling, drank my health & God bless me  &c
Had I raised a fist in reply  to the brandished
knuckles of either, there would have been a regular
knock down & drag out.     I think I could have
licked my antagonist � but should have had
an awful pomelling in doing it .   The lookers on
would have seen fair play perchance.   As it was
I noted wisely, took it coolly, kept my
hand in pockets and talked.               
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