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Text for Page 196 [07-27-1852]

              boards vibrating up and down, and below
you at about four or five feet that ever-
lasting  rush of foaming water in a somewhat
contracted channel, of perhaps ninety feet.
The dank mist is over you and you feel you
are now near, surrounded by, as one may say
the Cataract.    Trees dark and dim and moist.
Turning to the right, in accordance with the
thunderous plash I wound along a forest
path until I could see by the broad white
foam through the dark trees that the edge
of the precipice was near.       And soon I came 
on to it, Sealed on a bent tree, on an
eminence, below which wound a steep and
devious pathway I could look out on the
whirling sea of foam below.    Could hear the 
roar of both falls.           Presently I threaded
this pathway, then after half an hour re-
turned and farther on .   Winding long               
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