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Text for Page 064 [12-16-1849]

              with me. A simple-hearted, hard-working, kindly natured,
commonplace man, with quaint ways occasionally.   He narrates 
how, induced by oppression of a feminine relative of his master, he
during his apprenticeship �run away�, and �tramped it to Coventry.�
�She catched hold o�me, and I fell down � ready to bust me Sir.�
  /	Hughie away on a visit to the paternal mansion, at
Newark, returns in the Evening.
  17. Monday.  Went to New York.   Empire City Office, with tale.
Last two-weeks Editor, so no longer. Saw Hawkins, publisher and Editor
� Dicken�s Colonel Diver far from being over drawn � this man was viler.
�We live by Sin, Sir, if all were bold enough to own it!�  ��We want
tales of Licentiousness Sir � of Crime, Sir! � that�s what our readers
like! �      Bah! � �An ounce of covet good apothecary!� � Cut
my hand off first, rather than play literary pimp to the scum of New
York: � albeit the Almighty Dollar were scarcer.  /    Purcha-
sed another 1/4 ton of coal, and in the afternoon carried it in. / 
Drawing on �Mose,� till night.	Matagrabolized and melan-
cholic even to tears at the glorious sunset, and thoughts of Her
and past happiness.	     But after tea, Hughie and Collinson 
coming in for the evening, and commencing vocalization, I left
big-poster I�d been at work on and joined in. Hughie�s
fiddle, Scottice songs, Collinson Dibdenizing.   /
    This day a clearance of boarders.    Silenus Brinsley               
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