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Text for Page 198 [07-27-1852]

              and ever.    The Canada shore is right before
you � but severed by this never passed fall.
Woody and thickly clad banks.   Twinkling lights
at the Clifton House and the other hotels.  All
above the falls is the great river full
of rocks and eddys down with roar
and turmoil rush the foamy milk white troubled
waters.      Meantime the tower vibrates and throbs
beneath you, pulsating as does the rock itself,
shaking and shaking again � but you have no
fear.     Niagara is too proud for fear � too
awe inspiring, too beautiful.    Awful it is, &
wonderful beyond all conceit of pen or pencil �
You think of God & Eternity.     It is almost
looking them in the face.    Such a peaceful
reverential quiet throbbing of sail was on me
this night I have never experienced the like.
It grows on you � more and more � you               
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