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Text for Page 199 [07-27-1852]

              look again & again, you are all eyes and awe
and thought.            And lo! in the midst
of the great vortex of foam, rising from its
awful depths is a pale beautiful ghost
like rainbow, � it quivers, it wanes it
becomes more distinct against the sombre tree
background, � it is still there and will
continue.    Oh your right you hear the rear
of the smaller American fall, you see it �
though not in its utmost breadth.   And far
down whirls and rushes the mad sea of
foam.   The falls of water are on the American
side all whiter than snow, and save for
such glorious gushes of Oh such bright deep
green!         White generally in the Horse Shoe
Cataract.          More anon about that � )        I
look on on on that Great Horseshoe fall
I can�t think of myself � of anything but it,               
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