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Text for Page 200 [07-27-1852]

              to look at the edge � to see the mad raging
waves come rushing on with such inconceivable rapidity,
to mark the great curve, to see the broad,
awful swelling plunge down that abyss � to
mark the great foam whirling and soaring and
flitting and gliding, to imagine the watery hell
of noises and tumults, the spirit voices of Nature
crying out ever and ever to the unspeakable
thoughts of man � O what can pen or pen-
cil do to describe it!   All in vain � weak weak
all.           But its Image is with me, for Ever
and Ever.     I have seen Niagara, the
grandest, most beautiful, most awful work of
God�s hand in this Planet.         By heaven, I
think were life the price for it, it would be
worth it.       They say there are people who
are disappointed with it. What they must be � what
they think of, what they expect    I know not.
Nothing I could dream, read or imagine can               
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