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Text for Page 201 [07-27-1852]

              picture it.                    That tower will fall some
day, I fancy.                           Talking with a
man up there � he�d no bed, neither had I.
At about 10 we to the village, found a little
house and the old woman took us in.    Made us
up a bed together.       Two good tempered Cockneys
in a bed on the floor beside us.        Great luck to get
shelter at all.     Didn�t expect it. Lets out all
night as we anticipated.   Slept. The roar of the
Cataract murmuring roaring monotonously on.
  28.  Wednesday. Up by 4.    Talk and chat
with the fellows who occupied the floor bed. Lavation,
and washings &c in the rear of the little wooden house,
then a most substantial & plentiful breakfast, in com-
pany with some dozen of sturdy, good humored rough
fellows.  Then having paid 50 cents, I with my
overnight�s acquaintance start off.  To the Cataract
house where I got my carpet bag.   Returned put on
clean shirt & effected other comforts in the cleanly way.
Wrote two notes, leaving them at the Post Office, in case of               
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