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Text for Page 202 [07-28-1852]

              Mr Harr[Hart?] or Fagan arriving, to tailors got a tear
in my breeks mended, then parting with my Yankee
friend set off alone on further exploration.  Walked on
down the bank on the American side below the falls.
Along the woody cliff, below you the green and eddying
water, and rushing foam.  No painters palette can mock
the deep, inexpressibly beautiful green hue of the river.) Below
ever and anon glimpses of the great water fall.      After
a mile or two�s walk I came to where the suspension
bridge crosses, high above, and winding down a steep
road came to the rivers brink, just in time to see
the little steamboat �Maid of the Mist� plashing away to-
wards the Falls.   So Sitting down on a tree trunk, I 
tarried her return, looking around everywhere.  The
high rocks, all verdure clad behind, the eddying whirl-
pools below, the Canadian shore opposite.  The river water
is very sweet and clear to drink.      Presently the little 
boat came back, and I went aboard, there to wait
another half hour before the �Capting� started. Some               
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