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Text for Page 203 [07-28-1852]

              dozen or more folks coming, off we start, through the
rushing whirling river.   As we near the Cat-
aract the view becomes grand beyond conception.    Nearer
yet, and soon we shall be fronting the American Fall,
the mist and spray is wetting us � when I see beside me
as I stand in the forepart of the boat a fellow passenger clad
in indian robber cloak and queer close fitting cap of like
material.  Comprehending it, I rush to a side cabin, array
myself in the like and now stand in front, drenched with
driving spray as we go on and on � till close beneath the
cataract.   And then I look up.   I shall never forget
that sight and that moment!       High � high up as you can
see, from above, comes down that broad white sheet of
foaming boiling water, a wall of rushing, sparkling light
the sunlight tinting its edges at the summit with a glorious
emerald green, while with a whiter glory than Alpine snow, plashes
the fall below.   The little steam boat struggles and pants
in the raging cauldron of mist, and is drenched from
stem to stern, you are blinded and wetted with spray; �               
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