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Text for Page 204 [07-28-1852]

              still you dash on bravely all in front of the American
Fall.     Then to its grander sister, the Horseshoe 
Fall.     This you do not approach so nearly �
no boat could do that � could breast that raging charybdis
of blinding, driving, sparkling white and green waters,
and live.     Surging channels and eddys are madly vexing
the fallen rocks, huge masses of which have, as is
plain to be seen tumbled over, as others will.     There is
a bright Iris bow, gold and red and green spanning
the foam before you � there is the tower, looking small
enow, high, high, up, � there to the right is Table
Rock, hanging awfully over, a great curve seen from below.
But the little boat plashes back impatiently, you rem-
ain gazing, wet through from the knees downward; �
you give up your aquatic garments, and ten minutes
brings you back to the little landing place, standing beside
the green eddying river.                   Talking with an
Englishman, passed over the Bridge with him. It is
a Suspension bridge, awfully high up, not at all finely               
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