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Text for Page 206 [07-28-1852]

              acquaintance relied on the firmness of his step �
he said he saw I walked much more heedlessly 
than he did.     Mounting
to the floor above where we had the ice-creams, we
donned the costume, flannel red and yellow,
clumsy shoes and I an ancient battered wide brim
fan-tailed, fireman�s-hat � my companion had
the oil skin cap & cape.       All ready.        Descent
down the spiral stairs in the cliff � a sort of wooden-
tower, and then issue forth on the rock-strewn path.
Progressing on to the cataract, the overhanging canopy
of Table rock is now behind us.   Wet, slippery
rocks below, � and now for the entrance under that
vast curtain of rushing driving sleet.   We are wet
through already.   A tornado of raging roaring blinding
spray is upon you � and around you.   As you
go over the rocky pathway, on yet, the thunder
of the sleet and tempest, the raging clamor and
storm voices, the leaping maddening frantic rush
of waters, the boiling foaming charybdis 
below you � all indescribable.          With drenched
hair, and as wetted bodies as if ten fathom below
the Atlantic, now gasping, now breathing long and
deep, now feeling a raging jet of water dashing
right down on you, now almost staggered by the
up driven foam surf on we kept, � sometimes in-
visible to one another at the distance of two or three
yards.     Now for a look upwards � and
what a look � Snatch it!   It�s worth that [unclear world]               
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