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Text for Page 207 [07-28-1852]

              body, to look up, up far � and see the great
awful foam jets springing over the edge of the abyss
into the hell of waters below.  Swooping, hissing, 
roaring, bubbling, boiling, thundering and raging for
ever and ever.     You can�t look up for more than
a few seconds, and then have to hold on.   But
the guide says in my ear, drawing up. �Here�s
the Termination Rock. We can go no further.    The
raging sleet plashes straight down, no step save
to eternity beyond.    The troubled bellowing over,
the thunder and cloud and rain storm are at their
highest.         And the guide turns back.       So did
not we.    For we, seeing it was safe enow, kept
up to and fro.  Sitting down, then back out
of the fall, and into the basin of the Cataract,
where we sat and lay down on a huge fragment
from Fable Rock which had fallen in time past.
Here�s perhaps the grandest view of the Fall.
Fragments of wood, tree trunks, rocks innumerable
Spray dashing over us.     Fifteen minutes or
so, then back, under the Cataract again, to the
extremity, both for the view, the bath, and to get
a fragment of rock as memento.  Got it, from, 
as far a place as I could.               Return, and up
a staircase, to the upper world again.
I don�t think this descent is either so dangerous
or so grave a thing to do as folks fancy. I think               
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